About Our School



M&M Academy is conveniently located in the heart of Dearborn just minutes from I-94 and the Southfield Fwy. Away from the noise and traffic of the main streets, our school is situated within a safe, quiet neighborhood.


The mission of M&M Early Learning Academy is to provide quality early childcare and preschool. Our program is designed to meet the needs of our diverse families while providing a strong educational early learning foundation.


We believe children who have many positive interactions between school, home and the community will be successful learners in school. Access to community resources and community referrals occur in partnership with families as parent's involvement is a key component to our program to strengthen the home-school connection. We strive to draw on each child's unique experiences, personalities and background in our culturally diverse Academy to teach tolerance and respect.


Our school has a long respected history in the community. Once know as M&M Daycare from its start in 1982, the Academy has continued to provide exceptional care and learning to the many hundreds of children in the metro area spanning over more than 30 years.